Feb 29, 2012

Kels + Emma's Milan Fashion Week Favorites

Alberta Ferretti

Photographed by Marcio Madeira/firstVIEW
Alberta Ferretti's F/W 2012 Collection left us swimming in a deep sea of slenderous darkness (yes, slenderous is now a word).  Hey, we aren't complaining. Black is in for Fall, then again, is black ever really out?  Upon the ebony sheers, leathers + feathers, we found ourselves at a cliched "OMG I die" moment when the purple + blue furs came strutting towards us like some sort of glorious, furry abominable snowmodel stampede. The all-black made for eye popping furs ,while the black sheers left an overall whimsical feeling. Ah, at last colorful furs + romantic black feathers make their mark at Milan Fashion Week. On a side note, we need those stellar glasses.  And we need them now. 
 . . .
Lorenzo Riva
Photography by Imaxtree
Someone call Don Draper! Lorenzo Riva has stolen the Mad Men's classic ladies and put them on his runway in Milan
(Right down to the vintage black stockings)! These ultra-feminine tailored waist lines + eye catching ruffles are making for an unmistakably stunning F/W 2012 Collection and we are loving every thread of it. It looks like the trendy tooth necklace might be back for another appearance too!
. . .
Photographed by Marcio Madeira/firstVIEW
Designer, Christopher Kane kicked-off the Versus F/W 2012 Collection with leather pieces ranging from coats with black leather sleeves + patched pockets to well-detailed leggings. The Collection then made it's way to beautifully vibrant dresses.  From the bold patterns + flashy tie-dyes to the solid peplum sleeves + peek-a-boos, 
we couldn't get enough of the fluorescent violet, citrine + turquoise!   
Who doesn't love a leather patchwork + turtleneck infused opening?
Who doesn't love a tie-dyed + Versace motivated ending?
. . .
Laura Biagiotti
 Photography by Imaxtree
The moment we saw this collection it made us think of that first exciting chill of 
Autumn and the warm mochas we'll be holding in our hands. 
Ah, Autumn + Starbucks hold a sacred happy place on our hearts. Snap out of it.
All of these looks held effortless, flowing style which was only enhanced by the 
chunky scarves + oversized sweaters. Well played Ms. Biagiotti, well played. 
. . .
We hope you enjoy!
Kels + Emma
Milan Fashion Week *pitter patter*
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