Mar 1, 2012


Photo cred: Phil Oh

Girl #1: "Wow! What a great outfit you have on!"
Girl #2: "Oh thanks - I just threw it together last minute!"
Girl #1: (thinks to herself: "totes the heck does Girl #2 do that?")
Well Girl #2, we are glad you asked because today we are here to unravel the mystery of a go-to outfit formula with
If you haven't checked it out yet, head over to our CTP THEORY page to get the scoop...

The basics of implementing CTP into your outfit are simple: combine a statement color (yes, a neutral can make a statement!), an eye-catching texture and a show stopping pattern. For the most part the CTP elements should each be on a separate piece of your outfit (there are always exceptions!). Take the picture above, for example, and note how her outerwear is a cozy taupe/brown, her sleeves beckon you with sequined texture, and her clutch seals the deal with an abstract print. BOOM! An amazing look. And (oh yes!) bling is never a bad idea.
So let's give the street style at Milan Fashion Week a whirl and see what CTP spottings we came up with!

photo cred: Tommy Ton
C: the hues of blues + bright white blouse T: the fabulous sweater P: the pants

photo cred: Tommy Ton
C: the deep blue dress T: the fur outerwear P: the purse

photo cred: Phil Oh
C: the colorful bracelets + black pants T: the leather belt P: the polka dot blouse

photo cred: Tommy Ton
C: the black everything T: the crazy fur or the jacket P: the clutch

Notable Theme: Bright Red Lips, now that's color!
Take Note: not every outfit you wear has to be CTP qualified (you've got to leave room for color blocking and the classic all-black NYC days), but we guarantee you'll feel a step above the rest + develop your own personal style when keeping CTP in mind! 
Kels + Emma
notable lessons in fashion

CTP THEORY copyright 2012 Kels + Emma. We encourage you to share the love, but please give credit where credit is due!

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