Mar 12, 2012


Kick your week off with a splash!
Today on our Weekly Inspiration Page we take a look at 
'The swimmers' by LA based photographer, Tamar Levine.

Photography by Tamar Levine

Levine's images may be in black + white, but the models + style scream sassy-chic all over.  
We are taken into a fashionable dimension filled with Jackie O shades + voluptuous hair. 
Perhaps it's some 70's inspired sun bathing that will inspire the mind's eye or better yet, 
synchronized swimming turned artsy + glamorous. Either way, we are bringing the
 swimming cap back in some good way, shape or form.  

. . .
Kels + Emma
You can find more photography by Tamar Levine here + check out her photoblog here.

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