Apr 24, 2012


Today we are emphasizing the C in CTP.  Not to forget about the TP, of course.
We tend to suffer from an extreme case of seasonal depression in the Winter, going into black on black on black mode.  Well, perhaps not extreme, but for the sake of exaggeration + this post, we'll just pretend.  Anywho, when warm weather rolls in we snap out of our gloomy (but still chic) black on black ... on black + make a complete 180 into the direction of what we here call color!  We're talking bold, beautiful color on color on color.  Now is your time to hop on the color infused denim train, if you haven't already done so.  All aboard!  Brightly hued denim is one way to kick off a color pairing party, but the options ... oOoh the options are endless.  Dare to experiment.  Crazy neons, functional neutrals + soft pastels work together, if done correctly.  So without further ado we bring to you the fun in color pairing!  Oh, and not to forget about the T + the P, of course.
Linen Sweater, J. Crew
Ribbed Cotton Jersey Tank, James Perse
Printed Ballet Flats, J. Crew
Bright Wool-Blend Skinny Pants, A.L.C
Pyramid Ring, TOPSHOP
Patchwork Clutch, Zara
Cactus Flower Necklace, J. Crew
. . .
xo Kels + Emma
You down with CTP?

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