Apr 18, 2012


Why these fancy pants are a notable choice: Welcome to the jungle where Altuzarra meets the Tropics ... meets Ace Ventura. You can always count on Altuzarra to leave us feeling colorfully aerodynamic amongst turning the Tropical Rain forest into a wearable urban jungle that is Summer 2012. It's a bird, it's a ... yup, it is a bird and in Altuzarra's world, bird is the word
(Just in case you haven't heard ...) This lifelike feathered jungle, in which we've previously mentionedis enough to stop 
fellow passerby-ers in their tracks causing double takes + often times, foot traffic. We say this with confidence from previous experience. Case + point,the following unscripted conversation ...
Silly Bystander:
"It's a plane? It's ... is that Superman?"
Innocent Pant Wearer:
Why no, these are just my tropical flared bird pantalones!
(Obvi, silly human)
. . .
xo Kels + Emma
inspiring your fashionable lower half

Neiman Marcus has Fancy Pants ... See here!

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