May 10, 2012


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Perhaps it's because Memorial Day is quickly approaching + us thrill seeking junkies are looking to rebel against some silly "rule" dubbing no white prior to what we're dubbing 'Mem-Day.'  Or, maybe it's because wedding season is in the air.  Both options sound awfully plausible, so we aren't quite sure which one is amusing our notable relish. However, through this babbling of ours, we've come to a conclusion ... dun, dun, dun!  The conclusion goes as follows: The combination of hearing bells + seeking thrills has got us in a state of white on white mania + we are head over heels for every second of it.  Ah, living life on the edge can be SO monochromatic-achromatic-chic. Yes, that's a thing now, especially during wedding season! All-in-all, white-on-white, Christmas-or-Wedding season, you go grab that net + catch that beautiful butterfly, pal!  More confused than when we started? Clicky here.
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xo Kels + Emma
whiteful + delightful

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