Apr 4, 2012



Why these fancy pants are a notable choice: When we first laid eyes on these BOY. by BAND OF OUTSIDERS chinos, we couldn't stop singing "Layyy-deee in Red!!!"  And if that isn't a good enough reason in itself as to why these pants are notable, well then the post must go on.  We are die hard fans of skinny legged chino pants + bright colors!  Skinny leg, relaxed fit, bright red ... need I say more? While going hand-in-hand with our nautical feeling these lower half traffic lights are great for Spring + Summer, but it doesn't stop there.  We've found chinos to be an ideal transitional piece: Work to Play, Beach to Bar, Summer to Fall, Winter to Spring, + anything in-betweenie. They're BEST for those days when you wake up + it looks gorgeous out, the sun is shining, you're feeling great ... until you take that one step outside + realize the sun is in fact overcome by a frigid chill in the air - Argh, it hits you like your grandma's perfume.  The worst.  Moving on ... Although it's not necessary, especially if you'll be slipping into a classic pump, we love the idea of cuffing the ankle by rolling the hem about an inch or two + pairing with a cute pair of ballet flats or heels. It's sexy, yet laid-back.
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xo Kels + Emma
inspiring your fashionable lower half

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