Apr 3, 2012


When horizontal stripes are a Summer necessity! 

If you were to tell us that one time at Band Camp you never wore stripes, we wouldn't believe you.  So whether or not you deny the fact that stripes partake a significant roll in your Summer wardrobe, we say "Sport your stripes baby!" A Summer without stripes is like an Easter without the big creepy Bunny at your local mall.  Now that sh*t is cray.  Despite rumors that stripes have a tendency of making one appear larger, we encourage everyone to rebel against said rumor; It's just societies way of keeping populas from embracing their inner Sailor.  Anywho, have you seen the Ella Moss Chevron Striped Dress, how slenderizing!  Summer is around the corner, let's get Nautical! 
Photography by Phil Oh

Vogue Japan

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