Apr 26, 2012


That  S T Y L E   M O M E N T ...
in head to toe black + white

 There is something special about black + white.  It's classic, chic, sophisticated + in most some cases reminds us of penguins + good swan/bad swan. Name one person who didn't enjoy Happy Feet or attend a screening of Black Swan.  They were both must-sees + those happy little penguins are awesome. Thus, implying the awesomeness that is black + white, making for an unstoppable pair. Edgy, yet soft.  Classic, yet trendy.  Penguin, yet not a penguin.  But more importantly, the pair knows when to take center stage + when to allow color to have it's pop. How generous of the two. So as we bask in the glory of black + white awesomeness, there is a board of clean + sleek inspiration waiting to be had.  
And remember, not everything is colored in black + white...This entire post being of exception ...    

Boy. By Band of Outsider Dress | Clicky 
Hermes Lydie Clutch | Clicky 
Madewell Eyewear | Clicky
Michael Kors Sandals | Clicky
Jason Wu Bomber Jacker | Clicky
Oscar De La Renta Dresses | Clicky
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Marie Claire May 2012

Elle Indonesia April 2012
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xo Kels + Emma
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