Jun 7, 2012


This, my peoples, can only mean one thing:  it's time to self consciously confidently get our tukuses into an itsy bitsy teenie weenie (hold the yellow polka dot) bikini for the beach days ahead! Thank sunny heavens, the suiting options are endless + offered in a variety of shapes, colors, textures + patterns.  Oh! And prices. Prices, pricey, prices. While achieving  some online bikini shopping research, we couldn't help but feel the lessening in our bank accounts.  By golly, Miss Molly, how pricey teenie weenie suits can be! Life's hard when you got Miu Miu Floral-appliqué triangle bikini taste on a beach babe budget.  What?  It's true! Our self control can only rear its frugal head for so long.  So with all this jibber being jabbered, we have honed in on our favorite summer suits, that for shore won't leave a serious splash in our wallets.  Did ya catch the pun? Did ya?! We knew you would . . . 

From top lefty to right: Trendy dark floral bikini (Topshop), classic white bandeau (Roxy), romantical tulle staple (J.Crew), patterned pastel (Madewell), tropical must-have (H&M), Sporty suite (Topshop).
. . .
xo Kels + Emma

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