Jun 11, 2012



Last week we were inspired by the above picture found posted on Lola Hats' Facebook Pagea great page to follow for us hat lovers. Aside from the fact that this picture embodies the epitome of  "perfect summer day" status, we are now obsessed with one thing and one thing only: head scarves, turbans, headbands, etc, etc. Last week we talked scarves for your bottoms, this week we talk bright colors, flirty florals + quite possibly the most stylish, euro-chic way to keep those summer waves up + away from your face. The same day we were inspired by this image, we received a picture from a friend, who shall not be named, Keren, that sparked our notable fancy, as well.  And although a completely different picture, there was a trend throughout.  Head scarves.  Said picture looked a little something like this ...

Photo Cred: Keren's Mommy
... Aw, baby pictures!  First things first, and bursting out into what was probably the most obnoxious cackle ever was definitely first.  It's our friend, so it's our duty to make fun of her.  Right?  Right.  Secondly, who knew how childhood-chic our friend was?  We were inspired, to say the least. And with all this being said, heard, seen, etc, etc. this summer we're bringing head scarves back!  There is just something so special about baby pics summer accessories + this one is oh-so hard to resist!
. . .
xo Kels + Emma
to head scarves!

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